Intelligent City

Platforms for life.


Who are we?

Intelligent City was founded in 2008 in Vancouver BC, with the mission to create highly integrated and generative mixed use housing systems. Our buildings combine

high quality livability +

enhanced affordability +

advanced sustainability +

community engagement,

into one consistent, replicable and adaptable solution for highly desirable living in metropolitan areas in the challenging context of urban densification, global warming and profound lack of affordable housing.

In response, the comprehensive IC Monad model is a highly innovative, award winning and proven building solution that combines simplicity with powerful adaptability to create Platforms for Life. It is configurable in a broad range of options while maintaining systems logic, clear cost structure, exceptional quality control and efficient use of resources.

The homes, not units, provide outstanding livability, based on the paradigm of stacked houses with abundant daylight, natural cross ventilation, strong indoor/outdoor relationship, user configurability and smart efficiency. Delightful design solutions together with a varied artful touch provide tenants with an elevated degree of identification with the buildings. Homes are ready for live/work options. Common amenities and courtyards provide for social encounter, and promote active solutions for work and play. In short, Monad homes combine the quality of a house with the connectiveness of the City and more complete communities.


what we do

Intelligent City provides the following solutions and services:

Monad projects: Mixed use / residential real estate development from 3-15 storeys

  • For Housing Agencies and Real Estate Developers:
    • Housing projects, from initial concepts and design to completion - urban design, design scenario studies, design/built or turn key.
  • For Landowners:
    • Real estate development services, design/built and turn key services

Intelligent City provides a unique range of integrated solutions that include:

  • Award winning Monad housing system
  • Advanced Off-Site prefabrication using mass timber and engineered wood construction
  • Consistent usage of renewable materials where possible and feasible
  • Passive House and LEED standards compliance
  • Advanced quality and cost control through custom design-to-fabrication software suite
  • Product design and quality design integration of all components and services

Intelligent City is working in close collaboration and under the same ownership with our sister company LWPAC Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture, a Governor General’s Medal winning professional architectural design company, and our collaborators and suppliers.

Together we are delivering highly innovative project solutions for the future of urban living.


Intelligent City’s Monad building has won:

  • City of Vancouver Urban Design Award - Midrise Category
  • City of Vancouver Urban Design Award - Special Jury Award Excellence and Ingenuity
  • AIBC Innovation Award
  • Canadian Wood Council Award
  • Western Living Designer of the Year (LWPAC)




Oliver Lang and Cynthia Wilson of LWPAC have recently produced their first project with their development firm Intelligent City Developments. The MONAD project is an example of their efforts to build leading-edge sustainable projects in response to Vancouver’s EcoDensity challenge and various green building programs, including a grant program from BC Hydro. MONAD is located on a restricted infill site in Kitsilano, and employs pre-fab construction and several innovations including mechanical parking and geothermal heating/cooling.
— Canadian Architect Magazine